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With data breaches and headline-grabbing ransomware attacks becoming more common and increasingly sophisticated, training your staff to be the first line of defence is an increasing concern of any organisation

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Our offerings


The challenge with developers is that most are not security aware people. They need strong foundation around security threats and their impact if these threats are exploited. With a focused training, your developers will be able to understand enough about security to modify their behaviors and prevent vulnerabilities while coding. 


Emerging security issues and critical infrastructure protection is what keeps network administrators awake at night. Investing in the right training to make them aware of these threats would help your organisation stay secure and away from a data breach 


Enterprise security helps you protect your organisation's mission critical data from information predators. With evolving cyber security and sophisticated threat attack vectors, you as an enterprise are expected to stay ahead of the curve 

Key Benefits

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Instill a Security-Focused Culture

Training has always been an important process for every team in every business. It helps to ensure that your employees are all on the same page, armed with the knowledge and skills they need in order to do their jobs effectively.

Regular training instills better habits. When something becomes a habit, people will continue to follow it like it’s second nature. Cybersecurity training makes your business more secure. Making your team at large aware of the many threats that exist – from data breaches to ransomware – will keep them from making simple mistakes that could threaten the safety of your organization.

Empower your employees

A security breach is not only devastating to a company’s reputation, but it’s also a big hit to finances. A well-trained staff would help you deliver the right business in a secure way possible. Don’t expect your employees to adopt security practices on their own by reading policy documents. Training leads your employees toward adoption. They are informed and understand risks once they’ve been through training.

Stay away from Data Breach

Cybersecurity training for your team is also a wise investment. Without official training on security, different departments or locations of a business may be employing different principles. With employees empowered to act with confidence and awareness of the risks, they’ll be less likely to make the kind of human error that could cause a devastating breach. 

Hands-on Hacking Session

Hands-on hacking is the best 

Our hands-on training keeps the participants engaged in what they are learning. Not only is it very difficult for them to zone out while performing a hands-on challenge during the course, if they replicate what they are being shown by our trainer, they are more likely to be attentive.

Our advanced infrastructure hacking course takes the participants through the different stages of our proven penetration testing methodology. We start from information gathering, target selection and vulnerability identification and finally different techniques of exploitation. 

Developers think as a "hacker" during development

Our training helps developers to think like a hacker or a malicious threat actor during our session. This helps them understand the issue and try them in our labs / challenges to understand it at a deeper level. Once the impact is seen, they are more likely to develop an app with security in mind.

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