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Managed Security Services (MSS)

High profile security breaches are in the news on a daily basis. As cyber criminals become ever more sophisticated, Defendza’s Managed Security Service works with your IT team to keep you one step ahead and safe from attack.

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Strengthen your security defences

Managed security service involves utilising a specialist security partner services who helps by providing security services remotely that aren't feasible as in-house solution.

Given the shortage of security resources and expensive security solutions, this sourcing of security services provide you a constant vigil on your infrastructure. This could be your retail website generating revenue for your business, a corporate website for reputational reasons, internal active directory environment or servers exposed on the internet. 

You must stay on top of knowing what is your attack surface, your weaknesses, and visualising your assets to ensure your security strategy is an input to the security decisions. With this input, you can plan your readiness for cyber attacks.

Explore our portfolio of managed services below that helps to minimise the costs and maximise efficiency.


Managed Internal Vulnerability Scanning

Defendza’s custom scripts and regular scans ensure the ongoing security of your organisation. Missing patches, weak configurations or excessive services can all contribute to system vulnerability.  Defendza keeps your crown jewels exactly where they should be: safe and sound.

Managed Phishing

Are your employees ready and able to deal with a mass phishing campaign? Are you confident your perimeter controls and security awareness are up to date? Defendza can help you by staging a phishing exercise to test your team’s abilities.

Managed Application Security

Defendza’s security scanners are fine-tuned to your exact requirements. Our regular scans, from both an unauthenticated and a privileged user perspective, keep you fully updated on any new vulnerabilities so that, with our help you can take precautions and stay secure, even when you’re under threat.

Managed OSINT

Defendza utilises Open Source Intelligence techniques to analyse how your organisation “leaks” data onto the internet, (for example, via network IP ranges, technology details, staff email information, key personnel information on social media). This data could be used by a sophisticated attacker to launch a phishing attack on your weakest link – Defendza keeps you safe.

Managed Perimeter

Defendza’s regular scans of your external perimeter of pre-determined IP ranges can instantly alert to you of any new threats on your horizon.

Vulnerability Management

Defendza allows you to minimise costs and maximise your business’ efficiency without the need for expensive security resources and solutions.

Key Benefits

The pro-active approach towards security

Cybersecurity is only effective when it is proactive. By identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities before they are exploited, you ensure the integrity of your network. Frequent security assessments also create a more efficient system, helping to prevent data loss and minimise any downtime that would affect your business and your customers.

Security is a continuous process

There is no magic bullet or one size fits all cybersecurity solution that will protect your network. In order to make sure you’re protected, you need continuous security assessments and up to date solutions that keep your organisation ahead of the curve. 

Protect yourself against evolving threats

The nature of cybersecurity threats is one of constant evolution; growing in sophistication and changing in order to exploit new vulnerabilities and evade detection. This is why you need to perform regular security assessments to protect your network.

Automate Vulnerability Management

A vulnerability scan can be performed by your IT team without any in-depth security knowledge. Our value with this offering is to gain insights into your environment by analysing and confirming the vulnerabilities with an added human edge. This is to provide you visibility across your assets i.e. networks, systems, web applications, databases, people. 

In addition, our deliverables include actionable results, and every care is taken to remove false positives.

Minimise Costs and Maximise Efficiency

Our managed security services offer you a security team working for you at a fraction of cost should this be an in-house team. This would also incur expense on acquiring technology stack.

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Our process

Step. 1
Contact Us

Take the first step towards ensuring your cybersecurity - get in touch with our team of experts via our ‘Contact Us’ form. From there we’ll begin informal discussions about we can work together to build a cybersecurity package tailored for your business.


Step. 2
Services Proposal

We like to get to know our clients first, to understand your business, your network, and map your security needs, so we’ll arrange a face to face or a video meeting between you and one of our cybersecurity experts to discuss your requirements.

Using this information, and our wealth of cybersecurity knowledge, our team will put together a tailored proposal designed to meet your business’ specific security requirements.


Step. 3
On-demand Scheduling and Execution

After a customer has agreed to go ahead with our proposed approach, based on the subscription model a schedule is finalised. This ensures that customer has taken into account performance hours, support for the environment if required and allows maximum efficiency to Defendza.

Defendza offer greater flexibility by readjusting the schedule in case of any code changes, major upgrades or on-demand scans required by the customers.


Step. 4
After Care and Support

At Defendza, we make sure that everyone understands what has been done, at technical and management level, via a debrief either onsite or via a call. 

Email and phone support are provided after completion of the project, with a reply within 24 hours to any queries. 


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