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Based on our industry experience, we are developing solutions both for our clients as well as consultants within the industry. Our research has gone into designing a simple integrated solution that would elegantly solve the most pressing challenges within every organisation currently working around reducing the window of opportunity for a compromise.

DCAT (Data Collaboration and Analysis Tool)

With our penetration testing background , we understand the importance of project deadlines while executing and delivering client engagements. Our product is aimed towards helping consultants to deliver an engagement efficiently.

Info Sec Karma

Defendza believes in supporting the security community by sharing knowledge we have gained through these years. We are currently working on a few exciting ideas to be delivered under GPL soon.

DefendzaRisk Manager

Often after multiple security assessments, reports are the only credible information source. Correlation analysis of data at enterprise level can be a tedious task. Our product helps utilizing input from manual and automated vulnerability reports to present in an easily understandable format for different audiences. This includes previous comparisons, current threat levels, sector based benchmarking and high level security posture of the client organisation.

We are also working on more ideas, stay in touch for detailed conversation.