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Managed Application Security

Defendza’s security scanners are fine-tuned to your exact requirements. Our regular scans, from both an unauthenticated and a privileged user perspective, keep you fully updated on any new vulnerabilities so that, with our help you can take precautions and stay secure, even when you’re under threat.

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Our clients choose to work with Defendza's MSS for a variety of reasons. More often, this decision is driven by a lack of in-house resource for niche areas of security or the need for security monitoring and management outside of normal operating hours. Further, our MSS team also conducts regular security audits or respond to any investigate incidents.

Application MSS Portfolio

On-demand Scan

Where a clients environment is dynamic with several applications lined up to go live on regular basisc, we have the flexibility for on-demand scanning as well. Our our MSS account manager always available, our clients can schedule a scan based on their preference. The details would be fed to our MSS application scanning platform. Results would be analysed by our MSS expert team before releasing it to our clients.

Authenticated Scans

Periodic authenticated scans are run against the web application that Defendza has fully tested using our Web Application Assessment based service. Following to this, depending on clients requirement, we scan the entire web app from both authentication and unauthenticated user perspective. This brings confidence that the code is secure throughout the scanning process.

Unauthenticated scan

A periodic scan would be made against your applications without using any credentials to authenticated. This will be to ensure no unauthenticated based vulnerabilities exist within the application around OWASP Top 10 and also in the supporting web server software / configuration.

Continuous scans are helpful for clients who have several applications over the Interent which are manually scanned once a year. This approach gives them a confidence that during the period of one year, no new vulnerabilities have been identified due to the technology in use.

Our periodic scans range from daily, fortnight, monthly and quarterly

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