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Multiple Industries

Our extensive experience means skillsets developed over the years based on sector specific issues that stem from serving different customers in different sectors.

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Public Sector

Whether it's DPA, GDPR, PSN CoCo or GCloud framework, our wide range of skillset and experience assures public sector organisations to utilize the latest technology and manage the risks.


With the rapid technological advancements and security incidents such as WannaCry, cyber security is one of the most talked-about topics in the NHS and other healthcare organisations


Due to research and development projects on cutting edge topics, student information being stored, the education sector is a prime target to both organised crime groups as well as nation state threat actors.


Using stolen credentials, phishing and malware directed attacks, cybercriminals have identified the gaming sector as a low-risk venture with high profit turnouts.


Law firms are routinely targeted as they handle sensitive client data of individuals and corporate clients they manage. This could not only cause disruption of their business but also potential reputation loss. 


Manufacturing companies are opting for digital processes, improved supply chain and customer experience. This is changing in a big way, and cybercriminals are not behind to leverage this change.


With the number of transactions, the amount of data being stored and processed by businesses in the gambling sector, cyber security risks remain one of the major concerns. 

Retail & eCommerce

With technology supporting ever increasing retail, hospitality, leisure and eCommerce businesses, retailers need to be aware of blind-spots in their online exposure both for their assets and customers. 

Financial Services

All about assessing financial services firms to manage their cyber security. Helping to identify and mitigate relevant risks efficiently and improving the capability to respond and recover from incidents

Discuss your sector-specific concerns. Arrange a call today.
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Have you addressed your prime concern ?

As an organisation, it is important to ensure that security is driven from top level. The stakeholders and leadership should be involved in making the right decisions to drive security within the business processes. The challenges should be addressed considering the following:

  • Be aware that every system is weak, and that this weakness only increases over time,
  • Understand the threat model of the network, applications, people and work around it,
  • Train all employees, without exception, and make them aware of all the different types of cyberattack,
  • Identify critical areas and potential attack scenarios,
  • Implement response procedures to identified attacks,
  • Ensure compliance with the different regulations is understood. Key decision makers are familiar with them and use them as a guide to good practice.

Visibility across corporate assets

Today’s businesses have complex IT infrastructure that is composed of unconnectable pieces located across different places globally. Many companies and organisations are not even aware of all their external applications and unprotected cloud storage, let alone internal systems. Thus, for them, it is impossible to mitigate any vulnerabilities or misconfigurations, including critical ones. 

Ensuring that the visibility of corporate assets is equally a key factor while making decisions around cyber security. 

New technologies, new threats

Each year brings with it savvier hackers, which means that each year also brings new defense mechanisms as well. Ransomware will evolve in coming years, more than it already has, AI will take a bit of the cybersecurity burden, the IoT and serverless apps will increase consumer vulnerability, and blockchain will transform cybersecurity efforts.

It is important that your organisation is keeping up with these technologies to ensure that your business is secure from sophisticated attacks. 

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HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have been the victim of over 2.6 million phishing attempts over the last three financial years. 

Law Firms Overwhelmed By Daily Spoofing, Phishing


Experts have warned that 0.8% of the world’s GDP or around $600 billion is lost to cyber crime each year, yet reports suggest the legal sector is ill prepared for dealing with and preventing cyber attacks. If it is not already, protecting your firm from the risk of cyber attack should be high on your agenda.